The Adventures Of JJM

It started out with a small dream…I was 20, I wanted to ride the AyoungJJMmountains on the West Coast. ALL OF THEM. I dreamt of hiking, exploring, racing, discovering, learning and just being one with them.

I’ve always had an adventurous soul, and the mountains they were just so huge and almost unattainable they at the time were the ultimate adventure.

So I sought out that small dream…conquered it, and dreamt a little more, a little bigger. One adventure lead to another, to another and on to MyLadies.JPGanother with plenty of life in between. I wake up and its almost 2016…I’m 34, that little 20 year old is still there and still just as wild, adventurous, and still filled with just as much wonder as the 20 year older version.  She just has 14 years more of knowledge.

I can honestly say that though all the turmoil  (and 2015 has sure dished jjm-chileout a lot of it) there is not one adventure I would take away. The point to all this, is ensure you are living your passions, and leading the life you choose. Never stop exploring, filling your days with adventure, and stay curious. There are things in life out of your control, and learning to roll with them is a lesson that legit took me 15 years to learn.

Oh Yeah I’ve been training….Don’t you worry
You want to try a horrid little tester? Check out Wednesday.

Dec 14/15

A. DL @11X1; 4×5 @78%;
 #225 – Slightly under prescribed but just roughed up from traveling today
B. 5 sets:
5 TOUGH KB bent over row @31X3
rest 10 sec
5 TOUGH KB bent over row @31X3
rest 10 sec
AMRAP push up
rest 2 min at strict tempo    

C. 8 min EMOM:
6-8 unbroken T2B
Skipped this shoulder still super tight from trip to Bermuda 
D. 5 sets @sustainable pace:
1 min power clean to OH 75# (singles)
1 min burpee
1 min row (cals)
rest 3 min
– same reps / cals every set
This felt soooo rough, my aerobic system was fucked from trip
Tuesday 12/15
A. 5 sets; 30 sec row ALL OUT!!!!!
rest walk 3:30 min
Grosss AF
rest walk 10 min
B. 5 minute AMRAP @85%:
3,6,9,12 etc…
UNBROKEN thrusters 65#
T2B (not unbroken)
Did Thruster Burpees as shoulder was still not feeling it at all. Finished round of 10 – Felt slugish 
rest walk 5 min
5 minute AMRAP @85%:
5 unbroken hang power cleans 95#
5 wall balls 20#/9ft
5 burpees (no jump)
5 rounds – Died a little. but felt better than first one
rest walk 5 min
5 minute AMRAP @85%:
50 KBS 20kg
25 cal row
50 KBS 20kg  (good luck….)
Felt really solid on this last set, got 33 KBS and I think if I was going 100% I could have finished. Oh I went there… 
Wednesday 12/16
LOVED THIS……Well After I did. 🙂
20 minute AMRAP:
2000m row
100 no jump burpees
AMRAP DUs for remaining time
– Goal is +97 reps (your old score)
99 Reps. Got off rower at 8:10, and Finished burpees at 17:34. DU’s SUCK STILL. I was doing sets of five. The dry air also killed me. If I recall I did this in Bermuda last time where I was at sea level and its humid AF. 




Oh Hey There, DTPHX

Its been a while.

Lets roll it back to August. I was living in Scottsdale quickly recognizing that my time in the states was limited. With my Bermuda residency ending on Sept 1 I had to re-domicile in Canada, and accept the fact that that beautiful Island I called home was my home no longer. (I’m back this weekend if you want to catch up send me a note..Or Ill see Yall at CFBDA)

Fast forward to Oct 1, bags packed, and off I went to Calgary. Why Calgary? Pretty simple answer to that one my Clients & Biz Partner live here…Trust YYCme it was almost Vancouver, IT WAS ALMOST VANCOUVER, but Calgary made sense at the time, and still does for now.

Geezez and now its already December 2nd? How did that happen? Its cold and its snowed, and snowed and snowed….This is going to take a while to get use to. Two weeks ago I took my car to an empty parking lot to try and remember what it feels like to spin out. (So Fun) I maybe practiced this technique more than I needed to…. But safety first right?

Climitization to this Canadian Winter is going to take some time. However I will be riding in the mountains often which puts a huge smile across my face every time I think about it.


Now foremost this is still a journal about my journey through the world of crossfit and training.   Although my training has taken a pretty big hit amidst the chaos, I am happy to say that finally after settling into a new country, city, and gym…I’ve been pretty steady with my training. Not being on a plane twice a week certainly helps.

My coach… still a Genius at programming was somehow still able to get progress out of me over the past few months and I was able to hit some YYCPRnotable PR’s. #237 Front Squat, #155 Hang Snatch, #175 Thruster, #177 push press. Plus plenty of gymnastic gains, I was stringing CTB Butterfly’s together the other day as well. So the progress is there, and now its time to hunker down before comp season and put in the work both in and out of the gym, in order to deliver a comp worthy performance that I can be proud of.

Chat Soon….


Sisters…SAJ & JJM

August 3rd 2015MeAndSarah

Today is my big sisters birthday!  I rarely talk about her or the influence she has had in the strength Ive gained in my strength in life. Its A LOT.  Our family is much different then most, we are not call you every day tell you about all the nitty gritty details of my life type people, but we are a drop everything in a second what do you need type family. That is Loyalty! That is blood, that is a blessing in my eyes. No drama just a solid knowing that my family wherever they are in the world is there supporting me, my adventure, my struggle, MY STRUGGLE,  and of course my many many successes. That is how we were raised. I am blessed to have that loyalty instilled in me. And blessed to have a Big Sis like SAJ!
This one time I hit a tree snowboarding, NBD only fucked up my body a lil bit. I asked my sister to move to Whistler come help me out while I healed, she didn’t blink an eye and dropped her life in Toronto and was on the next flight. That is Loyalty, That is blood, That is Family, That is a pure Jurgeit quality and very rare Im Aware. #Blessed to be well raised with solid moralities, even if they get confused or lost along the journey. Its a journey….Its not suppose to be easy right?!?!?!


Back in Scottsdale, and whenever I’m here I’m always slipping back into the solid routine that keeps me sane. Sleep, food, work ethic, all on point. Feels amazing, makes me realize where exactly I need to make my home, whether or not I can make that happen is solely up to me. I can do anything…its about truly realizing what I want.

Spent the last week traveling, and clearly from pattern…traveling has not been beneficial to my mental sanity. This week as been amazing dropping back into routine, on point nutrition, and trying hard to sleep longer than 4 hours a night.

Monday 7/27  NewYork/Scottsdale

Always AM work… trying to dampen my desire to push extra…Its HARD!!! Im aggressive in the AM!reflections

A. Hang power snatch + hang snatch; 2+1; 6 sets; build per set; rest 2 min
#115- Roughed up still from Friday Night
B. FS @40X1; 8×1; rest 90-120 sec
 Michael Bann worked on some mobility with with me and he thinks that yes my ankle is yes inhibiting my mobility but also some core work, because we did some tests with squatting holding a plate in front of me and goblet squats and I actually have some much better mobility. I guess more core work is in the books
C1. CGBP @20X1; 7×3; 84-86%; rest 90 sec
C2. Single arm paused DB bent over row @31X3; 7×3 per arm; rest 90 sec
Tuesday 7/28 ScottsdaleBermuda Kite
AM – EZ Aerobic
45 min AB/Row five minutes switching in between.
PM – Strict Vert Pull + Push Press % + Upper End
A. 8 sets; strict chin up @20X0 x2-3 reps; rest 90 sec
B. Push press; 6×4 @80%; rest 2-3 min
C. 5 sets for time:
50ft OH walking lunge 75#
10 ring push ups
Struggled with this and my right shoulder…Took me longer than it should have.
D. 4 sets; ring FLR x60-75 sec; rest 2x work
Hard to hold for 60 on final two sets
Wednesday 7/29 Scottsdale
A. Reverse hyper extension; 4×12-15 @50% of 1RM BS; rest 90 sec
No reverse hyper here at OPEX, but I used the Row Bench and held a #20 Med Ball in my legs,  I felt my glutes working properly on the DL and lunges was solid. I will incorporate these into my warm ups I think. Its not heavy but I like the feel when everything is working as it should.
B. DL @11X1; 5×5; 76%; rest 3-4 min
C. 5 sets; every 90 sec; DB walking lunges; 5×10 (5/leg) @75-65lbs/handpic 3
#50 no way could I manage #65 for 10….right side of body is still roughed up unfortunately.
D. Hanging strict leg raise @2011; 4×6-10; rest 90 sec; point your toes, legs straight
FUCK….So Gross. Barley hitting 6 paying attention to the tempo, last ones on last sets would be iffy. Lower core hurts today.
E. Single arm ring hang; 5 sets; as long as possible; rest 1 min b/t arms
Right Shoulder is a no go with this movement at the moment. Its fine if weight is spread across two arms but not one.

Until next time, I truly appreciate all the LOVE I get from all of Yall 🙂 keeps me moving, and pushing, pursuing those goals!

House of OPEX

July 21, 2015joncupboard

So I’m Home!!!!!! And it feels just like home! every time I’m on Island I’m reminded how much of a special spot this place really is.  A huge thank you to Sheila and Jon for making their beautiful home…My home during my stay. Its feels just like home, and I couldn’t be more blessed with such loving wonderful friends.

However as a fellow athlete and crossfitter and sudo mentor/coach to Y’all… I love you guys but we need to have a serious discussion about the contents of your cupboards…unless these are for the kiddos…whomever those “Kiddos” might be ( I have a feeling not however….) 😉

So much travel, I had almost forgotten how much going from the west coast to the middle of the Atlantic actually takes out of your system. Although the day was uneventful yesterday (no missed flights, no delays, and only on sprint required through Miami Airport) Its still just taxing on your system…I definitely TravelOPEXfelt it this AM trying to move out of bed, in fact I didn’t move until noon Bermuda time, which is 8am PST so not to bad.

A super busy week for OPEX, plenty of Athletes competing in all divisions, from Teens to Team the CrossFit Games are sprinkled with OPEX athletes. Its exciting to watch the growth of this company over the past year, and the growth and depth of its incredible athletes. Proud to call that place home as well, so much of my training  as an athlete and growth as a human has come out of the house of OPEX, so I am really looking forward to watching the representation on the big stage.


It felt amazing to train on home turf today, despite the ridiculous humidity and the achy body its just great to be in your home gym. Lots of new faces, lots of old ones, and plenty of welcome home hugs…it was nice!

AM10 sets @ 85% effort:
1 min row
rest walk 1 min
rest 5 min
10 sets @85% effort:
1 min AB
rest walk 1 min
Then I did the Death By Kettlebell Swing that I couldn’t complete on Saturday because of some time constraints. So Gross. I just made it though 16’s and crashed and burned during 17’s So Brutal, and the humidity….

Really struggled today, but knowing I came off of a 16 hour travel day, I just let it slide, and did what I could.
A. Hang power snatch + hang snatch; 2+1; 6 sets; build per set; rest 2 min
#120 (failed the snatch a couple times at 120)
B. FS @40X1; 8×1; rest 90-120 sec
Failed 185 so dropped it down to #175, couldn’t get my glutes to fire at all today!
C1. CGBP @20X1; 7×3; 84-86%; rest 90 sec
C2. Single arm paused DB bent over row @31X3; 7×3 per arm; rest 90 sec
Early Bedtime, Early Risetime 🙂

Just Breathe…

July 17, 2015IslandClouds

Its been a while…My Bad! To say life has been busy would be a gross understatement, Its been fucking nuts. Lets roll it back…way back to about a month ago. I was cruising the canals in Venice just taking it all in. Ever since I read about the floating city when I was 6 I absolutely knew I had to see it, and I did, making my dreams however small they might be happen. ONE AT A TIME!.

I met some truly amazing people on this trip, had some great connections, and this will forever be a trip of a lifetime. Blessed to be able to have so many amazing experiences packed into 21 short days. I mean the Venice Opera….WHAT that was mind blowing. With everythingambition going on, I completely worked through my entire vacation, building businesses, business relationships, maintaining clients so from a standpoint I still need a vacation from vacation, but this is the life I chose…the life of an entrepreneur.  I came back pretty exhausted, and jet lagged for about 7 days, but I mean Ill sleep when I’m in a box!

I got to a point where I had to write a long list of all the stressors on my mirror at home, and one by one I have been tackling them and crossing them off. Eliminating them from my world, its the only way at this point. Sometimes it feels like the list is getting longer, and harder to remove, but I was raised tough, and can handle it…Mostly.. What I cannot handle is when the AC breaks in the middle of the AZ summer and the house sits at 91 inside for 72 hours!  I actually resorted to sleeping on the tile to be able to get a few hours of sleep.

Ive also recently spent some time in Calgary building some business connections up North…Some profitable business connections for White Roof..Stay Tuned!  The Sleep is little, but the prospects of more clients in that area seems to be slowly rolling in keep me busy while I am awake. However I’m definitely feeling it in my training. Some days I’m on fire and I know its pure cortisol and adrenaline, there is no doubt I am kitchenMal-nutritioned and working on 2-3 hours a night at this point.

Heading back To The Rock…This one is a double edged sword, you better believe I am looking forward to seeing everyone, training on home turf, Swimming in the ocean, boating on Sundays, Supping…All of it…And then there is court…Gotta watch what I say here. :/ Ill just leave it at that…No Fun, actually its going to be incredibly hard, I’m so tough on the exterior…But I’m really not.  Soooooo Ive resolved to enjoy the great moments each and everyone of them.


In case I haven’t mentioned, Ive moved to training with a coach out of OPT in Canada, and the change in my programming seems to be just what I need to keep my mind busy and focused while in the gym. Ive really been enjoying training again, the process, the pain and really that’s why I fell in love with the sport. 🙂 So there is too much back training to go over, but lets go to the day I fucking crushed it last week and start there. trainingkillingit

5 sets @85% effort:
2 min AB
rest 2 min
2 min row
– there are 10 sets total (5 AB, 5 row). Rest 5 min after the 5th set
OH yeah so fun!!! I also tacked on some z1 work between AB and Rower about 20 before and after.
A. Snatch pull cluster; 1.1.1; 5 sets; 90%, 95%, 100%, 105%, 110%; rest 2 min
Pulled up to #160 chest height…No Problem
B. Tall snatch; build up to a max; small jumps; pull yourself under the bar, SPEED.
Hit my all time snatch PR of #145 WHAT???? Thats nuts!
C. Drop snatch; build to a max
D. 10 min EMOM; 10 double KB front squats 16kg
Oh my new least favorite movement….sooo gross.
Until next time friends….thanks for all the love and support


June 4 or 5 or 6 I’m not sure I lost a day traveling somewhere and have no clue…Its ok though…I’m on vacation (ish…always working…Social Media Never Stops)WestinWine

La Dolce Vita, a cliche yes I know, but very true in the moment. This is the good life. And a very close friend before he hangs up the phone with me ALWAYS reminds me and says  “Live the life you want to Lead” and I am doing just that.

Italy…And Particularly Rome a few notables worth mentioning

Foremost the architecture is unreal, everywhere you turn there are buildings from the the renaissance and from the roman area cohabiting within the same square block. Its unreal…Like truly unreal. I spent probably 6 hours today walking in the streets fully getting lost, and allowing myself to be absorbed by the history of the City.

Wow cobble stone is like a constant stabilization Z1 workout…Just sayin!

1. Carey & Meagan, Sisters from another Mister…I mean there is a # for everything!
1a. The Italian Men, OMG do they know how to dress!
2. The Westin Excelsior…If your in Rome, Stay here! You can walk everywhere worth seeing and the Rooms are stunning!

3.  #LostInRome – The restaurants, the buildings, the people just simply incredible. My French & German are completely  useless here, it makes it kinda fun. Italy2

Many more stories to come throughout the next couple weeks no doubt.

Training Last Week:
Solid…put in some great scores even hit a  PR and overall trained really well. Now that I am in Italy, I am no doubt losing my eight pack and coming home fat. I’m ok with this, embrace the moment for what it is!

Monday May 23
Trained really well today, a change of scenery is always nice.
A. Power snatch cluster; 8×1.1; build up by 5# per set; rest 90-120 sec
#125 (pretty ugly but went up)
B. BS @40X1; build to a 2RM (aim for 215-220#)
#225 – Boom
C1. Strict press @20X0; 5×2-3; same weight; rest 1 min; (100-110#)
C2. Negative chin up @50A1; 5×4-5; rest 1 min; add weight if needed
Used #10
D. 2 sets @90% effort:ITaly3
30 sec unbroken KBS 24kg
rest 30 sec
30 sec wall balls 20#/10ft
rest 30 sec
30 sec burpees (no jump)
rest 30 sec
30 sec T2R
rest 30 sec
rest walk 3 min
8 sets @90% effort:
30 sec row
rest 30 sec
rest walk 3 min
8 sets @90% effort:
30 sec AB
30 sec AB slow spin @EZ pace
Was able to maintain around 600 watts(approx) throughout entire sets
E. Seated DB external rotations @30X1; 3×12-15; rest as needed
Tuesday 5/26
A1. DB paused bench press @31X1; 4×5-6; rest 1 min
A2. Pronated grip paused supine row @21X1; 4×8-10; rest 1 min
B. 15 min EMOM:
Min 1 – 8-10 unbroken OHS 75#
Min 2 – 8-10 unbroken T2B
Min 3 – 12 unbroken russian KBS 32kg
OHS – All sets of 8 ankle tender from flying this AM
T2B – Sets of 8 shoulders on fire from yesterday lol
KBS 12
C. 5 sets: 2 min EMOM; 200ft KB farmer carry; 32kg (this will get spicy on the old grip)
Ouch Forearms and grip blew up as you predicted sure did get spicy
D. 4 sets; weighted back extension @1010; x12-15 reps; rest 90 sec

Wednesday 5/27
4-5 sets @ 85% effort: (abort mission if your shoulders stop working)
3 CTB pull ups + 3 kipping pull ups
6 no jump burpees
9 unbroken hang power snatch 55#
12 unbroken wall balls 20#/9ft
9 unbroken power clean to OH 55#
6 no jump burpees
3 CTB pull ups + 3 kipping
rest walk 1:1
3:10/2:59/2:56/2:58/3:05 and a wonderful hand rip on top of it!
Friday 5/29
A. Every 2 min; clean + hang clean; 1+1; 8 sets; build per set by 5#
165 – Caught myself really solidly in the the throat 🙂 Amazing bruise to go along with it!
B. TNG push jerk + TNG split jerk from the blocks; 2+1; 6 sets; build per set by 10#; rest 2 min
Built to 160 really easily, no shoulder pain…So awesomeness!
C. FS @40X1; build to a tough single; aim for 195-200#
Moved FS to Saturday Training…Eeek Going to get in trouble with the coach for this one
D. 15 min EMOM; weighted pronated grip negative @50A1; x1 rep; +30#; HEAVY!
32# Heavy!
E. Powell raise @50X1; 3×6-8; rest as needed
Saturday 5/30
Added in Front Squat

Hit 215 at your temp, felt so light so I went for a 1RM #235 PR Boom!
A. CGBP @20X1; build to a 4RM; aim for 145-150#
Could only muster 140 today on the bench, legs good arms not so much!
B. CGBP @20X1; 5×4 @90% of part A
C. 10 min EMOM; 2-3 paused strict ring dips @21X1; add weight if needed No weight added
D. Paused row bench @31X1; 5×5-6; rest 2 min
5 minute AMRAP @85% effort:
25 unbroken KBS 20kg
25 no jump burpees
25 cal row
AMRAP AB (cals) for remaining time
rest 5 min
x3 sets
So Gross and Hot but I think I did ok. I actually when I started was like there is no way I am making it to the AB, but I did all three times 🙂
6 cals/4 cals/ 6 cals
More on the Italian life Shortly

Games Bound!

May 19th, 2015TeamHuddle

What an incredible weekend in Dallas for OPEX! I couldn’t be happier for these amazing women (and guys) that I train with on their successful weekend at the South Regionals, and now trip to the games. The OPEX team really dug deep and showed the world what our training, mentality, and philosophies are all about. #FullEffort #FullVictory. If you have a chance I suggest you watch Event 7, the team knew they had to win, and they where the only team so far to actually finish this event! They moved up from 7th to 3rd with this win, and the energy in the arena was incredible. Also another highlight was Amanda Goodman’s AGNinja7th event performance, she was consistent all weekend, and took over Event 7 like a boss, (yes that is her ahead of Leblanc-Bazinet) I highly doubt anyone will be able to beat her time. I am really looking forward to watching this group of athletes throw down at the Games this year….OPEX is taking over!  This was my first regionals since I started Crossfit sitting on the sidelines. I hated it! I just want to compete! There is no feeling like the adrenaline surge you get before the bell goes…Crossfit BDA we have a lot of work ahead of us if we want to make it there again.
So after a couple weeks of ridiculous amounts of travel, I returned from Dallas last night to PHX, flying in was bitter sweet, as I knew that I was coming home to a home, but not to my Island home. I’m slowly coming to terms with calling the AZ my home until late June-ish (I guess)… I was having a conversation about the Island life with a friend recently, and I cannot wait to re-establish a new home there, especially after mine was MattyBandIso quickly taken from me. All in I am blessed I have a home here for now, but I am definitely missing the rock, my friends, the ocean, Poker Face Sundays, CFBDA family….Ive been gone far too long.

Of course there was drama with traveling…there always is. I can never seem to not be stranded in an airport somewhere, I must hold some type of record. When AA looks up my file there must be a long list of what they call “Distressed Passenger Incidents”, because they where very quick to re-route me on an overbooked flight and bump someone off. (sorry…not sorry random passenger) Anyways ran into this guy…We were going to the same place but different routes, the race was on to see who made it home to the AZ first. I do believe his plane beat mine…but only by a couple seconds.

All this travel has really beat my body up. I mean Airplane air, Almost daily time zone changes, poor nutrition, not enough water…it all adds up. So Ive been taking it easy, training and pushing hard when I can, and not beating myself up about results. Seems to be working, Ive had some small successes.

A. Hang snatch cluster; 1.1; 8 sets; build to the 5th set by 5#; rest 2 min
#125 this was surprising, I was feeling beat up and tired, but managed to pull this off.
B. BS @40X1; build to a 3RM (aim for 205#)
I bailed on this at 165 which is a warm up for me, my ankle was in some pain, and was not feeling it. If I have learned one thing over the past few months is just listen to your body.
C1. Strict press @20X0; 5×3-4; same weight; rest 1 min; (95-105#)
C2. AMRAP strict chin up @21X1; rest 1 min
D. Seated DB external rotations @30X1; 3×12-15; rest as needed
All in a hard training session, had to push through mentally and physically but It was a solid effort.
Saturdays TrainingPHX
Trained In Dallas at a gym called Tigers Den, it was a pretty awesome spot.

A. Power clean + hang power clean; 1+2; 6 sets; build to a max
Built (last set I was curious if I could…no problem, No lifters today and ankle on a pain scale with 10 being the worst in my life was at a 6.5 so high all the travel has been effecting my ankle quite a bit lately)
B. 10 sets; every 2 min; push press + push jerk + split jerk; 1+1+1; build by 5# per set again 150 felt really solid I started too low I think.
C. FS @ 40X1; build to a 3RM
Ugh My glutes are killing from Wednesday – built to #175 stood on plates to replicate lifted heel not ideal but a fix in pinch
D. 15 min EMOM; weighted pronated grip negative @60A1; x1 rep; HEAVYOPEXDallas
30 for first10 reps than I couldn’t sustain the 6 seconds negative so I dropped weight to 25. My arms where pretty sore on Sunday from this.
E. Powell Raise @30X1; 3×10-12; rest as needed
5 whole days in the AZ, until I head up to Canada…more airplanes, more travel, but a lot of potential coming out of this next quick trip.

Getting Comfortable with Uncomfortable

May 12th, 2015Saying-Goodbye

Getting comfortable with uncomfortable, is something OPEX has taught me very well, a hard lesson but a really good one.  After a very difficult few weeks, I said goodbye to my home today, I am officially Bermuda homeless… so scary, but also something I can resolve over the next few months just a few projects to launch and take care of first… (wait can I say that?? Edit, edit, and re edit my tone) This is the only home I have really known for the past few years, and now to literally not have a home?!?! I am scared. I’d be completely lying if I said I was fine, and that I knew whats going to happen next, but I am 100% open to the future adventure. I mean when you look back at my life’s track record and what Ive already accomplished, overcome, and succeeded in…this is just a small obstacle.  I thought I was going to be feeling more emotional about it…but I think there is a sense of relief that whats being closed, is done and I am mentally ready for another challenge, new lease, whatever you want to call it…Bring it!


Eh I find in Bermuda at the moment, its a little chaotic, I can’t focus, I dont sleep, I just struggle. So definitely happy to be writing this from 37,000 feet on my way back to the AZ!

Had the monster pug with me this morning…He was NOT IMPRESSED to be tied up to a 44lb Kettle Bell, while dropped weights around him all morning.

A. Hang snatch cluster; 1.1; 8 sets; build to the 5th set by 5#; rest 2 min
Again built to #120 and stayed there pretty easily surprised me considering I had maybe 2 hours sleep.
B. BS @40X1; build to a 3RM (aim for 205#)
No way, no confidence in my ankle without my lifters. 195 was a struggle to keep tempo
C1. Strict press @20X0; 5×3-4; same weight; rest 1 min; (95-105#)
C2. AMRAP strict chin up @21X1; rest 1 min
All sets of 4 which was surprising.
D. Seated DB external rotations @30X1; 3×12-15; rest as needed
#15 today 12.12.12.
I really want to say how grateful I am for the many, many friends, and CFBDA Family, AZ family, OPEX Family,  and family family, OMG overwhelming amount of love and friendship reaching out to me offering their homes, love, family! #TrulyBlessed.